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Do you feel that your children don’t listen to you?  Do your children have one tantrum after another? Do you feel exhausted from repeating yourself a hundred times and feel like you’re failing as a parent? Are you feeling full of shame and guilt?
In that case, you’ve come to the right place! I’m Tania and here at Full Circle Hypnotherapy, we are really looking forward to supporting you on this parenting journey.  We use a combination of hypnotherapy and coaching – hypnotherapy can be effective in dealing with some of your own issues that may impact on how you parent, and coaching can really help you to support your child with listening and tantrums so you can feel in control as a parent.

How we help parents  achieve harmony

Do you find  yourself losing your  temper and resorting to shouting, bribing and punishing your children? Or maybe, you don’t do any of these and you are filled with feelings of failure, guilt and shame.

Let us reassure you that you are NOT a bad parent. Raising children is probably one of the hardest jobs you can ever do AND the most rewarding one too.

It’s really hard when your children don’t listen to you and the tantrums and meltdowns are relentless and you’re completely worn down by them.

How we help parents  achieve harmony

Do you find it easy to get your team at work to say “Yes” to your requests,  but at home, your children love to say “No!”

Are you a calm problem-solver at work but at home, with your children, do you lose your temper and end up shouting, bribing and punishing them? Followed by feelings of guilt?

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At Full Circle Hypnotherapy, we help mums who are at their wits end because their children refuse to listen to them and are constantly having melt downs. Often mums are also filled with feelings of failure, guilt and shame. We have two decades worth of experience in working with parents and we’re passionate about changing family dynamics in order to create peace and harmony. Tania Lopez is a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, with experience of working as a teacher and a counsellor.

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Here is what other parents have said:

I absolutely LOVED every minute of it. I was so grateful to receive so much empathy and understanding from Tania -she really allowed me to speak from the heart about the struggles I sometimes experience to really delve deep to the actual trigger - which of course had nothing to do with the child ! That level of perception from Tania was so appreciated as I often can't see through my own patterns to get to the root of what's REALLY going on! The work around being compassionate to the child as well as ourselves was a bit of a light bulb moment. The hypnosis was extremely powerful. I went in with some apprehension, but Tania created an extremely safe, respectful and beautiful space that I found it so easy to relax into it. The word hypnosis can bring up some fear in a lot of us but I just found it to be a really soothing meditative experience and I was amazed at how deep I went. The awareness I received in the talking part combined with the helpful suggestions I received during the hypnosis really have lifted some of the blocks I have had in communicating with my step-child. I'm no longer triggered by things that used to deeply upset me before and I am so grateful to Tania. She is an amazing space holder and clearly loves her job. She puts you at ease and facilitates BIG change where you never thought possible. If you are a parent, carer, teacher etc I really recommend this work with all of my heart. Go into the unknown and just DO it !! It will really help you lift some old patterns, shine light on the original wound to aid deep healing and bring more empathy and compassion to your relationship. with your small person. Thank you Tania.

Kate Roberts, Manchester

I felt so relaxed and positive and I loved the structure of the session. You asked some really thought provoking questions that helped me to deepen my understanding of the situation. I really loved the technique you used too as I did feel that the emotional charge lessened during the session. I also loved your visualisation and your guidance and voice was great, very clear and soothing

Suzie Poyser, Manchester