Anxiety describes feelings of unease, worries and fears and includes both physical and emotional sensations. Anxiety is related to the fight/flight response which is our normal reaction when we feel threatened. It’s common to have some anxiety from time to time especially during times of stress, e.g. when moving home, attending an interview or sitting an exam. Usually, after the situation has passed, so does the anxiety.

Anxiety is a normal human experience but if the feelings are overwhelming or last a long time, it may lead to an anxiety disorder such as a panic attack. If anxiety is affecting your ability to live your life as you would like to, it may be time to seek professional help.

How can Hypnotherapy be effective?

Hypnotherapy can be effective in dealing with anxiety as it aims to seek the root cause of the issue. It can help increase feelings of confidence and self-belief and reduce the feelings associated with anxiety.

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