How can hypnotherapy help with parenting issues?

by | Apr 21, 2020 | Blog

How can hypnotherapy help with parenting issues?

 Surely, if I’m having a problem with my child’s behaviour, then it’s my child who needs help, not me.  That seems like a sensible conclusion to draw, right?

 What I need to do is use behaviour charts or read parenting books and go to parenting classes that teach me tools, tips and strategies on how to discipline my child.  Right?

 Well, this approach is a bit different to that.  

 So, how can hypnotherapy possibly help with these issues?

 Hypnotherapy is great for seeing beyond just what our conscious is aware of.  It helps with all the unconscious stuff going on underneath that we usually don’t have access to.  

 So, for example, if you’re being triggered by your child’s behaviour, then could something be going on for you?  If you could deal with your stuff, could it help you deal with your child’s behaviour in a different way?

 We would also look beyond your child’s behaviour.  Is there something else that their behaviour is communicating?  In my experience, I’ve found that by focusing on “getting rid” of a behaviour without an understanding of the underlying causes, just leads to a new behaviours “popping up”.  You then end up on a never-ending cycle of trying to deal with one behaviour after another.

 If you’re getting annoyed with your child for not listening, for example, there are obviously many conscious things you can do.  You can be supported with this through the coaching I provide.

 In terms of hypnotherapy, we would look at what’s going on for you at a deeper level.  Maybe, as a child, you were always expected to listen to the adults around you and now you have a child who is the exact opposite of you. Maybe, you never felt heard as a child.  Perhaps, even before you had children, you felt that you weren’t listened to properly or taken seriously.  These, and maybe other factors, are now impacting on the way you and your child interact with each other.

 Hypnotherapy can help to “neutralise”some of the effects of these experiences so you can perceive your child in a different way and change the way you interact with them.