How we help parents achieve harmony

Do you find it easy to get your team at work to say “Yes” to your requests but at home all you hear is “No!”

Are you a calm problem-solver at work, but when you get home, do you find  yourself losing your  temper and resorting to shouting, bribing and punishing them? Do you feel guilty afterwards?

Let us reassure you that you are NOT a bad parent. Raising children is probably one of the hardest jobs you can ever do AND the most rewarding one too.

Raising a family just means you deal with different problems and emotions, like:

  • Attention seeking (constant whining and complaining)
  • Arguing and fighting all the time (sibling rivalry)
  • Talking back to you
  • Lying and blaming others
  • Spending too much time on technology

And because you’re overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure how to solve these problem, you:

  • Give in to their whining and complaining just for a bit of peace
  • Get triggered by your child’s back chat and shout at them
  • Feel disconnected from your child and from yourself
  • Feel like a failure

Don’t worry – you’re not on your own on this parenting journey.  At Full Circle Hypnotherapy, we support you through your transformation- one where you:

  •  Use solutions that make you feel good about how you treat your child and how you treat yourself
  •  Feel connected with your child and yourself
  •  Enjoy spending time with your children

Through a bespoke hypnotherapy and coaching program, learn to experience some of the  life-long benefits highlighted above. We will show you how to bring out the very best in your child and how to bring out the very best in yourself as a person and a parent.