parenting guide & Tips

How we help parents achieve harmony

Do you find  yourself losing your  temper and resorting to shouting, bribing and punishing your children? Or maybe, you don’t do any of these and you are filled with feelings of failure, guilt and shame.

Let us reassure you that you are NOT a bad parent. Raising children is probably one of the hardest jobs you can ever do AND the most rewarding one too.

It’s really hard when your children don’t listen to you and the tantrums and meltdowns are relentless and you’re completely worn down by them.

And because you’re overwhelmed, exhausted and unsure how to solve these problem, you:

  • feel like a failure as a parent
  • feel judged by others
  • feel you have lost control in your relationships with your children
  • feel that your children are in control
  • are experiencing guilt and shame about the way you parent
  • feel disconnected from yourself and your children

Don’t worry – you’re not on your own on this parenting journey.  At Full Circle Hypnotherapy, we support you through your transformation so that you:

  • can help your children listen and cooperate with you
  • can support your child with their big emotions
  •  can be in public without feeling judged
  • feel in control of your emotions and actions
  • can free yourself from feelings of guilt and shame
  • create a beautiful connection in all your relationships including the one with yourself

What to expect from working with us

Through a bespoke hypnotherapy and coaching program, learn to experience some of the  life-long benefits highlighted above.

Hypnotherapy is great for dealing with your own underlying issues that may impact on how you parent and the coaching helps you with practical things you can do to support your child to bring out the best in them as well as yourself.

You would get alternate weeks of hypnotherapy and coaching, depending on your needs.  The sessions will last approximately an hour and for on-line work you will need a very good internet connection.

There is a short consultation where I will find out your needs so I can tailor the sessions to meet them.

Parenting Packages 

You can choose your time and price commitment from the range of packages. The length of the packages are 4, 8 and 12 weeks. 

The 4 week package is for those who have a clear and straight forward issue that they are ready to resolve.
The 8 week package is for those who have a few different issues that they want to resolve.
The 12 week package is for those who want to go deeper and resolve some more entrenched issues. 

If you’re unsure about the right package for yourself, book a free consultation so we can answer your questions.

The results from working with us

  • identify and release the core issues that affect your parenting 
  • free yourself from emotions and baggage that don’t serve you or future generations
  • shift your perspective on yourself as a parent and your child
  • feel that you are parenting from an empowered place
  • feel connected to yourself and your child
  • see beyond your own and your child’s behaviour
  • learn how to bring out the best in your child

If you really want to change your parenting practice so it not just impacts on you but on future generations, then this is the service for you. If you feel that your feelings of failure, guilt and shame are impeding you, then get in touch to stop these from escalating or preventing you to parent at your best.  If you feel that your perception of your child is getting worse or your relationship is deteriorating, then now is the time to act.